John Edgar Thomson Foundation

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What We Do

The Foundation assists the daughters of the deceased by supplementing income and providing benefits. The Foundation does not provide college scholarships. Instead of paying for college, Foundation grants focus on daily living expenses of the grantee’s family. Grants are awarded on the basis of financial need and are reviewed annually. The monthly allowance made under the grant may cover the period from infancy to age 18. Under certain circumstances, the grantee can be covered up to the age of 24 if the grantee pursues a higher educational goal on a full-time basis.

Additional services being offered include:

Dental and Eye Care – It is preferred that the dental and/or eye care specialist send statements directly to the Foundation for prompt payment. If extensive dental care is being recommended, special arrangements between the health care practitioner and the Foundation may be required.

The Foundation provides limited financial assistance to grantees who attend summer camp or participate in a special summer activity. (Not available to college students.)

The Foundation provides further assistance by assigning a caseworker to meet with the family each year to discuss the family’s current financial situation, and the school progress of the grantee. Reports from the caseworker enable us to review each grant on an annual basis to determine the family’s continuing eligibility.

What We Ask of Our Grantees

Families can assist the Foundation by:

• Cashing or depositing their monthly grant check promptly
• Notifying the Foundation immediately regarding any change of address, telephone number, job, school, family status, etc.
• Informing us right away of any changes in financial situation, such as the purchase or sale of property, increase/decrease in benefits or salary
• Families must complete financial statements when requested. Families must also complete annual summer questionnaires on or before the specified deadline. Financial statements must be as honest and accurate as possible.
• Families are required to forward a copy of the grantee’s grade report at the end of the school year, and send a current photo of the grantee annually.
• If there are any emergencies, the family is required to contact the Foundation as soon as possible.

Termination of a Grant

In accordance with the policies of the Foundation, a grantee is no longer eligible when:

• The financial need ceases
• The grantee is in a higher education program and her academic performance causes her to fail and repeat course work
• The grantee is no longer attending an educational program on a full-time basis (full-time is defined as a minimum of 12 credit hours)
• Grantee graduates from her educational program
• Grantee reaches the age of 24
• Marriage of the grantee
• Pregnancy of the grantee
• The surviving parent re-marries
• The surviving parent experiences the birth of another child that is not the child of the deceased railroad worker

All grant applications are approved by the Foundation Board of Trustees.

The Thomson Foundation is completely independent and receives no payments from any railroad company, nor does the Foundation solicit any funds for its purposes. The Foundation is administered by a Director who is under the supervision of the Board of Trustees.